My love for the outdoors and nature began as a child. I was fortunate to have been raised in a rural area of Michigan and was allowed to run free from sun up to sun down. I explored the creeks, streams, ponds, lakes, and spent quite a bit of time up in trees. In retrospect it was an idyllic time. My grandfather was an avid outdoorsman and I spent a good bit of time with him tromping through the woods to look at beaver ponds, seining for minnows, building bird houses for purple martins, ice fishing, and tending to his dozens of bee hives. 


After moving to Oregon in 1973 to finish college I realized I was in an outdoor paradise. For many years I was so absorbed in pushing my career forward that I didn’t make the time to explore the state’s unbelievable natural beauty.

I’ve now come full circle and have the luxury to combine my passion for music, nature, and teaching. Guitar Outside is the place where I’ll be sharing my knowledge of guitar in places  I’ve always wanted to explore. Together we can explore nature and learn about guitar. I hope you enjoy the journey.