Convertible Light Box - Pressed Rose

Convertible Light Box - Pressed Rose


The frame on the Convertible Light Box is sculpted with fluid textures which imparts a rustic look and feel. 


What you see here is my take on a light box. We typically see the world with light that comes from the sun or some other external light source, so the front of the object is lit. A light box allows us to see a photo or other semi-transparent image with the light coming from behind. The effect is like an X-ray. Colors are intensified, fine textures in plants are seen, and a three dimensional effect results. This is especially true with pressed flowers.


The light source is a 7 inch square LED light panel that is color balanced to daylight, uses only 13.5 watts, generates very little heat, and is rated at 50,000 hours of use! These LED's can also be dimmed, making the Convertible Lightbox useful as a night light. You can fine tune the amount of light projecting through your image and adjust it so it suits your mood and environment with the included dimmer.


Each light box can sit on a desk top or be hung on a wall. They are made of real wood and come finished with tung oil or (other similar finish). They can accept an 8x10 inch photo as long as it is printed on a paper that has some transparency.


You can put your own artwork in these boxes without the need for any tool, just slide the photo up; pull it out and slide the new in. It really is that easy. Check out the video above.


If you'd like a different image of mine in your Lightbox, go here Not all images will work equally well in the 8 x 10 format. It is possible to crop and otherwise modify images to make them fit, but before you choose one, write to me so I can make a determination about the possibility of getting the picture to look great.


Dimensions (measured across the widest and tallest part of the frame.) 12" high x 10.5" wide. Depth is 4.5". Weight is approximately 4.5 lbs.


I'm experimenting with different woods and finishes, so each box is unique.

  • Return Policy

    If for any reason you are unhappy with the Convertible Lightbox, return it within 7 days from when you received it in the same box and condition you received it. You'll have to pay for the return shipping. After receiving the returned item and verifying that its in the same condition as when it was shipped, I'll return your money. 

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