Sittin' In Vol. 2

Sittin' In Vol. 2


When I first started to explore jazz I was overwhelmed by the number of chord changes I was expected to improvise over during the course of one song. I couldn’t keep up! In order to start sounding “jazzy” I made these jam tracks. Each track focuses on one chord sound with variations. There are no chord changes to play over. These tracks allowed me to focus my attention on developing my swing feel without worrying about “playing over the changes”. I worked on developing fluency over the entire fingerboard using arpeggios, chords, (you can eliminate my chording track by panning) and most importantly my grasp of modes and other scales.

Vol. 2 covers the basic jazz harmonies while volumes 3 and 4 explore more dissonant sounds.

It has been remarkable to see the progress in some of my students who’ve worked with these tracks. 

Excerpt from track 15Don Latarski
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