Wind Water Wing

Wind Water Wing


The idea to collect and combine some of my favorite nature sounds came to me gradually. From years of hearing the rippling of gentle streams, listening to untold numbers of bird calls and songs and being out in all kinds of weather, it dawned on me that other people would enjoy the sense of well-being these sounds produce. In the fall of 2019 I began recording some of my favorite birds in Oregon, primarily in the Willamette Valley and at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, and sampling various streams and creeks along with wind in the aspen, fir, and pine trees.

This project isn’t meant to be a scientific study of bird songs and calls, but a collection of natural sounds that you might typically hear if you were to venture out into the wilds. You’ll hear Raven and Canada geese flying overhead and the wing “whistle” of the Common

Goldeneye duck. In addition to combining wind, water, and bird sounds — with an assortment of frog croaks for good measure, you’ll hear subtle ambient guitar tones which were produced by two different instruments I’ve invented. One is “strummed” by wind and the other by water passing over the strings. (You can see and hear these instruments 

by searching “Wind Guitar” and “Water Guitar” along with my name.)

Together these elements create a feeling of calm and well-being without requiring the undivided attention of the listener. Since the sounds are constantly evolving over 79 minutes, you can experience this recording hundreds of times.


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